“Who’s gonna love me now?”

We sat together in a small group, discussing the day and especially the documentary we saw today: “Who’s gonna love me now?” by Tomer and Barak Heymann 

Some of us were of the opinion that the support of his family was missing and that some things that the father and brother said were simply ridiculous.

Most people agreed that it was very sad and depressing to watch, because the situation of the man seemed nearly hopeless.

An interesting piont we discussed was the living situation. It seemed that the man had to chose between his free life in London and his unsupportive family in Israel. There was no possible compromise.

Finally, Ellen asked us what we thought about the end. Some of us felt that he had sort of given up by going back to his family live and others said he didn’t. Because he made the final statement ” I am who I am. Take it or leave it.”  (it was almost said like that)

To conclude, the film left an impression on all of us and proves one more time that being different, for whatever reason, is sometimes still not easy. Emily



More Impressions

The documentary movie “Who’s gonna love me now?”  that we watched really touched me. Even though I don’t need to get out of the closet or am gay I still could really relate to the movie, because it shows a lot of other problems like facing conflicts with your family and over coming those.  All in all I felt very touched by it. Ivana


From the movie we watched I’ve learned that some people are way more conservative then I knew. Especially when it comes to their own family I thought that they may be more open and accepting about being gay or coming out of the closet. Giaime


I learned more about the conflict of being religios (Jewish) and gay. The movie showed me that you don’t have to decide between your family and your true self. Aneska


I think that the HIV subject is not being discussed enough. I don’t  have a lot of awareness about this topic and I wish I would know more about it. The movie helped me to learn more about HIV. Yuli


I think this topic is very complicated and by showing this movie we can learn from it a lot. The behavior of the family to the gay guy was mean and unrespected. I think there is place for gays in Israel but it is complicated. Bar


The movie made me very sad, because I had the feeling that there is no hope for that man. The worst thing to see was that he got almost no support from his family and I hated his father’s and brother’s comments on his disease and on being gay. Emily


From the movie I learned about the hard reality that that some gay people have to go through. For example a big problem in the gay community is HIV an he got infected by his “boyfriend” at that time and he didn’t even know his friend was HIV positive. He said it was karma. Noah


Author: Emily Patzer

17 years old Berlin

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