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” I believe that Germany and especially Berlin will become more open on sexuality during the next years. We finally made a big step by legalizing the gay marriage. I hope that in ten years all people can marry because they love each other and I hope and believe that people will become more tolerant.”  Luca


” I think that in won’t be very different from now when it comes to the acceptance of homosexuals in Germany. I can even imagine it to become worse in the next few years, because the community is weak. This is what Ben (member of the Israel Pride Community) said. It get’s worse now and then it will become better, because the community will consequently become stronger. Then it could again be like nowadays.” Zoe


” I can imagine that in the next few years there will either be no change or a very big change for the worse. Currently a lot of bad things happen and so I can think of a society that will regress. Personally I really do hope that some peoples view on homosexuals will become better and that the whole community becomes stronger, because that’s very important.”  Pina


” I can think of homosexuals becoming scapegoats in ten years, when there will be more political crises’. Furthermore I have a feeling that our society is becoming more open, but at some places people become even more conservative. Maybe not in ten, but in twenty or thirty years there could be a whole new society that is very tolerant. But still, I am of the opinion that discrimination will never fully be away and that this will stay the red line of history. There has always been discrimination and there will always be.”  Thalia


” I am of the opinion that there won’t be the biggest changes regarding tolerance in the next ten years. There will be up’s und down’s, but in the end it will be pretty much the same as always.”  Tim


“I think there won’t be any big changes in law for the LGBT* Community , because the biggest step, the gay marriage, has been made. But I believe that society will become more tolerant and respectful towards the LGBT* Community. Especially in the country side.” Jakob


” I could sadly think of a change into the bad for homosexual people. Paying attention to the political events (e.g. AfD) I feel that we become more and more conservative. I do hope that the LGBT* community will stay strong. As and “outsider” (Of course I am still part of the society and we all belong together) I will open my mouth to people who open their’s to wide to say homophobic things.”  Aneska


” I think changing needs time. This is why it took the German society and policy so long, to make gay marriage possible.  Si, I believe that within the years, being queer becomes even more normal in society. On the other hand, sudden political events could turn a society upside down and make life for minorities worse, because some people are simply stupid enough to act inhuman. But I do hope that queer living will be improved and that discrimination will be minimized. Because in the end we all just want to live our life’s peacefully.” Emily


” I’m very optimistic looking into the future and I really do hope that the social situation will become even better than now. Furthermore I think that tolerance will improve and that we an be proud and that we can celebrate big steps like the Gay Marriage and adoption right for gay couples. We can help improving tolerance by being open minded. Just like Imri said in his lecture: The community should become stronger so as to not be vulnerable.” Ivana


“In my opinion there is a lot of work to do in Berlin. Because there is still discrimination against homosexuals. But on the other hand I think it will be better within the years, because we’ve just made big steps like legalizing the same sex marriage in Germany. That caused more public for the LGBTQ* Community and therefore I think more people will dare to come out of the closet. There will always be discrimination, but queer life will be more visible and more normal in our society.” Ilyas


“I think that in 10 years there will be less open minded people because in the last past years people all over the world are choosing more resist and narrow minded leaders then before.” Yulie


“I think that in 10 years in Germany it will be way more common for gay people to marry and it will just be normal for them to have a relationship. I hope it will be more common for them to adopt children in the future too.” Giaime


“I think 10 years from now it wont change too much because gay people in Germany have almost every right that a heterosexual person has. But I hope that they will be able to adopt children easier.” Noah

Author: Emily Patzer

17 years old Berlin

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