Being Jewish

During my time in Israel I learned that Judaism is a lot. But not simple.

I knew before that in Israel policy and religion is connected, which implies that the Israeli society is organized through Jewish values. That means that even if you’ re not Jewish in a religious way you can still somehow feel  part of the Jewish life. So, to be a “real” Jews you have to have a Jewish mother and the majority of the country is Jewish. They believe that all Jews belong to their country Israel. 

But still, you can feel part of the Jewish life by living the Israeli way. Most of the families spend their Friday’s  (that’s the day of Kiddush) together. So did my (nearly non religious) host family. And all Israelis rest on Shabbat (Saturday).

That was very interesting for me, because in Germany it is way different. 


Author: Emily Patzer

17 years old Berlin

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