Personal impression

The most noticable thing for me was the importance of language.

Speaking English is fine, but I have a feeling of familiarness when I speak German. It was normal that sometimes the Tel Avivis would speak Hebrew while the Berliners spoke German, but of course it feels strange when you don’t understand what people are talking about.

Before the project started I wondered how the youngsters from Tel Aviv would be like. It took me a few hours and I thought: “They are like us. They are teenagers like us.”. But still, it was very interesting and impressive to hear about their lifes.

Tel Aviv is different and they have a barely different relation to safety and conflicts since Israel is not as peaceful as Germany. I imagine this to be very hard.

One day we did Kiddusch which is a traditional jewish blessing. I didn’t understand a word they said during the process. I just stood there silently, drinking the wine that was passed around and was deeply impressed.


Author: Emily Patzer

17 years old Berlin

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