Saturday, 1st of July – Tel Aviv

We had free time until 5pm.

Then we met to a fun activity called “Escape Room”. There we had to solve mysterys in mixed groups, which was very funny, because we had to be quick and we had to communicate in English. 

Later we had dinner at a very cool place called “Sarona Food Market” and then we were free to spend our evening. 


Shira about Saturday:
The heat was almost unbearable, I tend to forget how hot and gross it get’s in Tel Aviv in summer. It was hard walking around outside. On Saturday we went to the escape room and we had a lot of fun. For lunch we went to Sarona Market where we ate and walked around a bit. Some of the boys wanted to play soccer when the evening came so we all decided to go to Tichonet (our school) so they could play and the rest could chill together.

Author: Emily Patzer

17 years old Berlin

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