The Group – expectations and experiences

“Before the trip I imagined the Germans kids to be less friendly, but found out that they are very open-minded people” Dekel


“I think that the people I met was the most influencing thing on this program. After this two weeks I can say for sure that I met friends for life and it won’t be the last time we meet.” Illay

“I thought that the people from Berlin would be more closed and shy but I discovered that they are really friendly and nice.” Shira


“I thought that people from Tel Aviv are mostly religious and orthodox so they would have different ways of thinking, but it quickly turned out that they are also just teenagers who have similar interests, problems a similar kind of humor.” Zoë

“I thought that people from Berlin are very strict and cold and discovered they’re very friendly, open and chilled.” Shahar


“Before the Tel Avivs arrived I couldn’t imagine what they would be like, but I shortly discovered that they just behaved like we do.” Ivana


“I feel that this trip really did connect us more and I hope that we will see each other again soon.” Ido



“I thought that people from Tel Aviv are different than us like the style and the way they think. That they are a little bit withdrawn and strange and that we wouldn’t get on well with each other. But I discovered they are totally nice, open to meet new people and very lovely.” Pina


“I thought that people from Berlin are very different before I met them and I discovered they are not. They are the same like me even our languge is different.” Nevo


“I thought that the people from Tel Aviv are different and kind of strange. I was really nervous before meeting them but that was without any reason.I discovered that the Israelis are totally kind and funny.” Aneska


“I thought people from Berlin are nice and very European and very different from us, I discovered that they are so nice and have the same problems same jokes same style were all the same, it’s actually connected to the main idea of the project that were in to. The meaning of being different from someone else doesn’t make you something wrong or bad.” Mika


“I thought that the people from Tel Aviv were much different than us (food,behavior, music..) but most of us are ,,similar” and are interested in the same things. I like to chill with them because they’re new friends of mine now and I like to have friends all over the world because it makes me feel connected and free.” Thalia

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