Tuesday, 4th of July – Jerusalem

On Tuesday we enjoyed a guided tour through the beautiful old city of Jerusalem, where we saw famous “sights” like the “The Jewish Quarter”, “The Gate of Zion” and most impressive – “The Western Wall”. 

We then had free time at the “Yehuda Market” and after that we visited the “Israel Museum”.

In the evening we returned to Tel Aviv and spend the night in mixed hotel rooms. 



Nevo about Jerusalem:

I discovered about myself that i don’t know my country very well, specifically my capital. When we were in Jerusalem I saw a few streets that I didn’t know  before and it was very much fun to discover new (but old) places.

What I learned new at that day is that Jerusalem is a very big city and in addition a very complicated city, because it is build on mountains and who does not know the city can get lost easily. 



Emily about Tuesday:

Tuesday was the most impressive day for me. I learned so much about the culture and different people that I was worried to forget parts of it.

So I made a few notes:

  • ultraorthodox Jews and the relation of man and woman   
  • Independence Day in Israel
  • importance of the IDF (Israelian Defense Force)
  • connection of Judaism and the state Israel
  • Western Wall

I wrote a text about being Jewish and a text about the army, because that interested me all the week.

I had the opportunity to talk to our tourist guide Maayan, a nice young woman who joined us during our time in Jerusalem. She told me a lot about Judaism, her time at the army, Independence War and different cities in Israel.

What funny story happened at that day?
It was actually not a funny story, because it had to do with respect. But honestly, it was a bit funny to observe how all the people walked backwards when they left the Western Wall. Why was that funny? Maybe, because I never saw such thing before. But it was impressive at the same time and I respected that and walked backwards as well.





Author: Emily Patzer

17 years old Berlin

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