How is the subject of LGBT* right relevant to me? (3)

I have a personal interest on that topic, because in the history of the Second World War is not only about the persecution of Jews, but it also focuses on other minorities. It often happens that there is a focus on one social group that was persecuted and others are forgotten or not mentioned. Therefore I think it is important to pay attention to that and give that history public.

In addition I want to say that since I am a little, I hear about homosexuals who have to fight for their freedom. That shocks me and my family, because we think everyone should be treated equally as long as nobody harms no one. I often heard my parents work there selves up, but then I didn’t see them stand up for equality. Until recently I did the same, but thanks to that project I started being more interested. I noticed that I can change something just by being part of that project and that I can give others who fight for equality a feeling of support. 


One year ago I noticed myself that I’m also interested in girls and that makes the topic even more interesting and relevant to me. Many people said it’s “just a phase” or “you’re confused” when I told them about that. That made me very upset, because I do know who I am and even if it’s just for a while I wanna be taken serious. 

It is very great that homosexuals in Germany can now marry and adopt children. That makes me think optimistic but there is still a lot of work to do. Therefore the project was great for me to make contact to people and to participate. 




Author: Thalia Amann


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