Wednesday, 5th of July – Jaffa

The morning began at the Olympia Hotel in Tel Aviv. We ate breakfast and then used the public transportation bus to get into Jaffa.

Then we went to Sadaka Reut organization, which is trying to promote Arabic and Jewish youth partnership. We discussed about Arabic rights in Israel and the conflict between Jewish and arabs. And we talked about Arabs and the Palestinian identity, which was not easy. Afterwards, they took us to a tour around Jaffa.

Later on, we went into a pub. In the pub we saw the documentary film “Oriented”. This movie the story of three Arab gays and the way they are dealing with the difficulties about being Arab gay in the Israeli community. Then Khader, one of the movie main character, came and we had the opportunity to ask him some questions.

A few minutes later, we went to the fleet market. We had some free time to experience the market and to eat lunch.

Then we came back to the hotel and worked on the blog.After we finished, we went to Gan ha-Atsma’ut (Independence Park), where we had reflected activity for the all week.
When we finished, we went to Rochale restaurant. Aneska


Yuli about Khader:
The meeting with Khader, who played in the documentary film “Oriented”, was the most influencing to me. While talking to him I understood for the first time how minorities might feel. In some way they don’t feel belonging, but also they can’t picture themselves in a different country. The conversation with him encouraged me to want our country to change. 


Ilyas about Wednesday:
That we all set on the gras and just talked on the beach on the last evening when the sun set and talked about topics that are important and meaningful.
Funny story of today:  Shira was sleeping with the mouth opened and sitting. After a while she was flinching like she got scared from nothing and woke up.


Author: Emily Patzer

17 years old Berlin

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